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3DP & Human Health (Part 4): Maker Care As The Stealth Base For The 3DP BioFacturing That Will Emerge From Nursing Units

DIY Maker-Care Players—At Every Level—Are Already 3DP-Producing “Exo-Solutions” To Meet Human Health Needs For Non-Invasive, Patient-Specific Prostheses, Devices & Systems: Next, The Front-Line Foot-Soldier Of DIY Health Practitioners—The Nurse!—Will Be 3DP-Empowered… As we discussed in our last post—”Printing Exo-Solutions For … Continue reading

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3DP & Human Health (Part 3): Printing Exo-Solutions For Non-Invasive “HuBod Printed” Healthcare Mashups That Deliver Innovative, Patient-Specific Prosthetics

Welcome To The Third Installment In Our Blog-Post Series On HuBod Printing. Here We’ll Continue From The Point-Of-View Of  3DP Democratization Of The Healthcare Industry, Including What I’m Calling “Maker Care”—An Offspring Of The Maker Movement… “HuBod Printing”—for Human Body—is my … Continue reading

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