“HCx3DP Meetup NY” Report: Our Meetup (Event #2) Delivers Again…Despite The Most Extensive Subway Outage Of The Year Simultaneous With Our Gathering!!

As promised, we assembled another terrific “knowledge” environment for our “HCx3DP New York” (Healthcare Multiplied By 3D Printing) Community members to enjoy—and profit from—via our second “HCx3DP Meetup NY” event. Our burgeoning Group gathered again last Thursday evening (11 December) at NYU-Poly’s illustrious 137 Varick Street Incubator in SoHo West. Not even the systemic failure of the New York Subway could keep us from educating, connecting and inspiring our new and growing Community of “HCx3DP Synergists”—assembled (and intrepid!) Attendees, Experts and Organizer Team ALL…

Land Grant, Founder/Publisher, 3DP Media & Organizer, HCx3DP Meetup New York.

Land Grant, Founder/Publisher, 3DP Media & Organizer, HCx3DP Meetup New York, speaking on the NYC Health Business Leaders’ panel about Healthcare & 3DP, at Cooley (Cooley Health Practice)  LLP, Manhattan, 17 June 2014.

As those Readers who have joined-in either of our first two HCx3DP Meetups can attest, we’ve devised an effective agenda for the furtherance of our new Community via physical get-togethers.

My goal—at the start of our overarching “HCx3DP New York” Campaign of “3Cs” (Community to Conference to Cluster)—has been to build a novel and powerful Community of connected and coalesced parties and players.  We’re helping aggregate this Team—around an abiding and mutual-interest in the important commercial and common-good initiatives it can create—at the intersection of Healthcare and 3D Printing in New York City.

Our ultimate goal is to foster a new HCx3DP Ecosystem—a novel industrial-segment Cluster headquartered in the City. We recognized early-on the potential and importance of such a Cluster and are determined to rapidly buttress this promising concept. New York City is positioned to dominate the world in Healthcare Multiplied By 3D Printing. Our targeted success—via our “HCx3DP New York” Campaign—will come in helping to add well-paying, sustainable Middle-Class jobs to the current population of 665,000 workers (that’s the broad spectrum from bedpans to brain-surgery) in NYC Healthcare.

As I suggested earlier in this post, we’re refining our winning HCx3DP Meetup Agenda for an enriching meeting—to assure that our Meetup attendees get the max from the empowering moment that we’re building for their consumption.

Thus, December’s agenda included:

  1. 3D Printing Hands-On & Demos (by our fellow Meetup “Learn 3D Printing – Brooklyn”);
  2. Audience self-intros;
  3. The latest in my on-going series from our “HCx3DP Album of Innovation;”
  4. An “panel” of selected Experts on diverse HCx3DP topics of common interest;
  5. Audience suggestions for Meetup and Community betterment (e.g., panel topics, experts to recruit, directions we might go, etc.).
  6. Networking | networking | networking with light refreshments.

Our Experts’ Topic for our 11 December HCx3DP Meetup was “Eclectic Points of  View in HCx3DP.” This follows on our “Big Tent” approach to HCx3DP-Community building—because it garners creativity synergies from diverse sources…

We enticed four Experts to join-in to educate our audience on 11 December. They were:

Bradley Rothenberg — Innovating New Materials Via 3DP:  Co-Founder of Bradley Rothenberg Studio in NYC; initially focused on fashion and apparel, BRS’s material and fabric breakthrough designs are beginning to find applications in novel Healthcare and industrial solutions—“making 3D printed parts better through…customization of micro-structures.” 

Elena Ovaitt Weiss — Health Visualized Via Infographics: 
Founder, Ovaitt Health Media, NYC; clarifying complexity, accelerating understanding and empowering decision-making — at the intersection of HC & 3DP — with case studies.  

Charles Driza IV — “Learn 3D Printing – Brooklyn” Meetup: Co-Organizer; NYC. Operating room by day [surgical robot support-team leader] and 3D printing by night. My goal is printing tools for use in the O.R. and having a blast doing it.  

Derek Mathers (virtual appearance) — Expert on 3D Printing & Injection Molding in Healthcare: Business Development Manager, Worrell Design Inc., Minneapolis, MN; one of the leading industrial-design firms in medical devices, Worrell has just introduced “3D IM,” an innovative system for 3DP-modulated injection molding — a disruptive HCx3DP offering that promises to slash both time to market and medical-device costs. 

So, our Organizer Team was in place and prepared at NYU-Poly’s Incubator in SoHo West for our RSVP’s (16 “HCx3DP Synergists”), Experts and “walk-ons.” Despite the competition from the parties and revels of the Celebratory Season, we were confident—via promotion and personal outreach—that we’d enjoy a good turnout.

Well, 6:30 PM—Start Time!—arrived BUT no one else had or did… It wasn’t until 6:45 that our first “Synergist” straggled in—and we learned from their personal (and frustrating) experience of the New York Subway outage. Yowza! as we say in Brooklyn…

At 7 PM, our first Expert arrived (Bradley Rothenberg who walked over from his SoHo studio) and we kicked off the program—in modified form. Without our planned live, hands-on, desktop 3D Printer Demo, I ran a truncated version of my latest HCx3DP “Album of Innovation.” This is my lightning fast review of what’s new in HCx3DP.  AND, a lot of HCx3DP innovations had entered the marketplace in the month since our last Meetup (12 November).

To keep our agenda moving, I cut my “Album” short and invited our audience to tell us about themselves. This is another one of our most valuable features: our attendees want to know one another and be able to match up interests. (So far, I’ve been amazed at the diverse—yet compatible—audience profile we’ve achieved.)


[Despite the transportation travails, we ended up with three of our four planned Experts, a good turn out (16 RSVP'd and 13 attended, helped by walk-ons) and a terrific presentation set for everyone who made it to our Meetup at the Incubator. I'm particularly interested to review two of our Expert talks for you. Which I will do in a later extension of this post. Or, in a separate piece...]

C’mon Back!




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