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3DP & Human Health (Part 2): Innovative Additive-Manufactured Healthcare Infrastructure–Via “HuBod Printing”–Will Underpin Our Coming Health Advances

“HuBod Printing”—For Human Body—Is My Coinage For The Spectrum Of Powerful Mashups & Integrations 3DP Players Are Creating Between Additive Manufacturing And Healthcare. Welcome To The Second Installment In Our Blog-Post Series On HuBod Printing… According to Hod Lipson—holding forth as Conference Chairman of “Inside … Continue reading

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3DP & Human Health: 3D Printing Is Rapidly Evolving Organic Solutions For New Healthcare Regimens: Goodbye “Bionic Man,” Hello “HuBod Printing!”

Additive-Manufactured Healthcare Is The Fastest Growing Segment Of The Booming 3D Printing Sector & In This Post We’re Outlining A Current Overview Of This Segment As The Start Of A Series On What We’re Calling “HuBod [Human Body!] Printing”… Personally, … Continue reading

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MakerBot’s Bre Pettis Reveals “What’s Next?!” At DBP’s 5×10 Talks: The Future Will Be Empowered By Individual Passions, Tech-Driven & Community-Supported…

The Downtown Brooklyn Partnership Provided A Platform—TED Talk-Like—For Five Community Leaders To Present Their Visions Of The Brooklyn Future For Ten Minutes Each: We—Naturally—Focus Here On MakerBot’s CEO, An Innovator Known For Thinking (Way) Outside The (3D-Printer) Box: Bre Did … Continue reading

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