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“3DP & Kids”: 3D-Printing Tech Will Advance STE(A)M Education, Enable Teachers & Foster 21st C. Skills

The NY3DP Summits Roundtable In Which Digital-Discipline Teachers, Art/Tech Academics & Educational-Technology Players Examine Why, How & What “Students” Should Be 3D Printing & DigiFabbing—Whether Those Learners Are Children Or Adults. We entitled our third expert Roundtable—convoked on Wednesday, 25 September of … Continue reading

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NeoBrooklyn: Capital of NanoFacturing? [Looking Back to Look Ahead...A Post Reprise]

[Past is Prologue...And Now We Know Much of the First Few Chapters of the Book of NeoBrooklyn; here's my post from 8 April 2010: three and a half years in 3DP is two generations and change...a lot of change...] Perhaps … Continue reading

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“Printing Up Jobs In Your Nabes”: Examining The New 3DP Drivers Of Local Economic Development

3DP Media’s “NY3DP Summits” Roundtable on Neighborhood-Level Digital Re-Industrialization Examines How Community Economic Development Organizations Can Employ 3D Printing To Drive Hyperlocal Wealth Generation. We kicked-off our week of NY3DP Summits with our “Printing Up Jobs in Your Nabes” Roundtable at … Continue reading

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