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[Note to Followers: We're building a new site for Health Maker Lab, Inc. (HML), our new nonprofit, at Until that site is totally "up," I may be parking some posts here. The formatting may look a little unusual...depending on the HML post's original source. We'll correct these temporary aberrations ASAP. In the meantime, enjoy HML's news... --LG]

However—and why ever—you wended your way here: thank you! We intend to reward your curiosity and perseverance…now and going forward.

At the moment, you’ll likely find our offerings a little thin. But, please bear with us. Much is to come. Our ambitions are nearly boundless. As are the problems—AND opportunities—we plan to address…

First and foremost, these are Trump Fraught Times of dumbfounding danger to our democracy. And, as such, we are striving to drive our initiatives from mere plans to protean and powerful solutions bolted in place.

Our effort to establish nonprofit Health Maker Lab, Inc. (HML) has focused most of my attention in the last months. (E.g., I’ve started working this week on DIY’ing this self-hosted, WordPress, CMS-based site.) You’ll find my efforts available here (in constantly evolving fashion, as I climb the WordPress learning-curve) at

The best alternative update on our doings—until I’ve loaded more into this HML site at this address—is via our Meetup Community’s homepage. Check out our “HCx3DP Meetup New York” event-description “rolling posts” in each of our separate monthly Meetup “homepages.” Some 23 over the last two+ years. Scroll down the event-description news—latest post first, at the top—as piques your interest.

We’ve designed our Health Maker Lab nonprofit to act as an innovative vehicle of “progressive localism.” This phrase bespeaks part of our HML mission. And, I’ve borrowed it—unabashedly—from today’sNYTimes’ column (25 Jan 2017) by Thomas Friedman. Look for the title: “Smart Approaches, Not Strong-Arm Tactics, to Jobs.”

The “smart” part stems from making workers both flexible and buttressed to make job transitions—as tech evolution accelerates—many, many times over a working lifetime. This requires smart organization, group strategy and player interconnection of the grassroots elements of “healthy communities.” Here’s a cogent quote about these salutary neighborhoods from Friedman’s column:

“The societal units protecting workers best are our healthycommunities — where local businesses, philanthropies, the public school system and universities, and local government come together to support a permanent education-to-work-to-life-long-skill-building pipeline.”

Friedman, in turn, further showcases progressive localism, coined by a UK economist:

“Eric Beinhocker, executive director of the Institute for New Economic Thinking at Oxford, calls this the “new progressive localism.’ For too long, he argues, “progressives have been so focused on Washington, they’ve missed the fact that most of the progress on the issues they care about — environment, education, economic opportunity and work-force skills — has happened at the local level. Because that is where trust lives.’ Trust is what enables you to adapt quickly and experiment often, i.e., to be flexible. And there is so much more trust on the local level than the national level in America today.”

We’re planning to create bulwarks and protections for our communities with progressive localism at the DIY/DIT (Do-It-Together) “MakerRoots.” (“Maker” IS our HML middle name.”)

In these Trump Fraught Times, one could be forgiven for looking inward and trying to ignore the outward dangers slouching toward us. BUT, we all must logically fear the destructiveness—intensional or not—of this new president. A man who is mentally ill. Donald J. Trump has proved his insanity publicly in less than a week from inauguration.

We ignore Trump’s madness at our peril.

Fight back by helping foster progressive localism down at your community roots. This is where, as Beinhocker holds, trust lives and health—broadly conceived and cultivated—flourishes safe from the toxins of Trumpian insanity.

Join us to help build a prototype Health Maker Lab in support of a local progressive and empowered community in Brooklyn…

C’mon Back!
Founder, Health Maker Lab

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