Our MEETUP TOMORROW POSTPONED: Much New!! Please Re-Calendar To WED. 22 MARCH!

[The following was published online---and to the "HCx3DP Meetup NY" Community by email---on Tuesday, 21 February 2017, at 2:30 PM.]

Dear Synergist!


Trump Fraught Times (TFT) debited This Mad President’s first 30 days of dismay, danger and disaster—with still more pernicious probabilities in the offing.

O Community Members, I’m sorry to admit groaning daily in the cascading damage to our Republic—present and prospective—retarded my multiple efforts to advance Health Maker Lab (HML).

So, I beg your understanding and forgiveness while we regroup…and relaunch…and resist…with our NEXT Meetup event on Wednesday, 22 March.

Come what may: I’m now determined to make HML—with the aid of those of you also bent on resistance to TFT—a platform for local Community defense and offense. This via the broadest definition of human health at the grassroots, in the MakerRoots and among the gnarly resistance-roots.

OK! Here are some of our proactive HML plans:

(1) Overall, assure HML helps become an antidote to the democracy-poisoning toxins of TFT;

(2) Rename our “HCx3DP Meetup NY” community “Health Maker Lab” for wider meaning and catchment;

(3) Devise & implement new marketing technologies to create wider, deeper HML successes from seminal events;

(4) Complete our now a-building HML Website (took me a minute to get up the latest WordPress learning curve!); &

(5) Blog our HML Story at our new (very much under-construction) site—HealthMakerLab.org.


So, kindly re-calendar our next Meetup to Wednesday, 22 March.

We’ll make use of this time to make more of our time—and these times in Anti-TFT. Please coalesce in spirit, volunteer with helping hands and march ahead in body with us—by joining together at our upcoming events.

Please RSVP and donate here to join-in our March Meetup.

Looking forward: moving ahead!


Founder, 3DP Media &
Health Maker Lab, Inc.

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