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3DP Books: Volumes Of New, Curated Knowledge—In Ancient, Analog, Ink-on-Paper Form—Still Have Enormous Value To Help Explain Our Digital World…

In 2013, Industry Experts, Commentators and Players Created A Number Of (Physical!) Books To Help Explain, Explicate And Illuminate The Accelerating Social And Commercial Phenomenon Of 3D Printing And Digital Fabrication—What We Call, In Aggregate, “3DP.” Here is a selection … Continue reading

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Debuting “3DP 101:” Our New 3D Printing/DigiFab—Knowledge Resource Collection (See The New Tab On Our Main Nav Bar)

With Our Unique Viewpoint From 3DP-Hub New York City, Curation Of Information, Knowledge & Insights About 3DP Is An Important Role For 3DP Media To Undertake: Here, Then, Is Our New Tool Of  Your Understanding In This Wondrous Industrial/Social Segment… … Continue reading

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From Messing Around To Making To Manufacturing: How Support Services Can Help Transform 3DP’ing Into A Successful Business

To Maximize Commercial Empowerment, New And Promising Technology Must Be Incorporated Into An Effective Ecosystem Of Support Services: Emerging 3D Printing/DigFab Needs Such An Ecosystem To Complement & Empower The Local-Community Use Of 3DP. Playing is part of the fun of … Continue reading

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