HCx3DP Meetups WEEK—”Healthcare Multiplied By 3D Printing” Times TWO Cutting-Edge Events In ONE Week

is pleased to present HCx3DP Meetups WEEK. We have now modified our innovative offerings for our WEEK by reducing our Events to two: a panel on Thursday, 16 April, and a roundtable on Friday, 17 April. (We are postponing our other Events—with compelling and important Topics—to Summer ’15.)

Like all our Community get-togethers, these events are designed to showcase innovative thinking, provocative ideas, compelling issues, proactive organizations, key players and better prospective-futures at the new and booming intersection of “Healthcare Multiplied By 3D Printing” in New York City.

During our WEEK’s two events, we will explore (1) booming Medical Devices and (2) the public-policy implications of an HCx3DP industrial-segment cluster HQ in NYC. Our topic guides will be the carefully chosen Expert participants on our panel and round-table—and both will be hosted by Venue Sponsors.


3DPrintWeek(We are collaborating with MecklerMedia’s 3D Print Week New York to alert you—and other important players—to our Meetups during a week {13 thru 17 April} of New York City common-cause in 3DP.)


HCx3DP Meetups WEEK Agenda: 

As always, we’ve designed our WEEK Meetups as educational, investigatory, networking and solution-developing forums. They are constructed as moderated, peer-to-peer discussions (among topic-experts, with public and participatory audiences).

Our WEEK Meetups are focused on key segments of the rapidly building New York City and State HCx3DP Community. We’re helping to coalesce such Community with events such as these. Our Meetups are always designed to foster an on-going, “Big Tent” gathering-in of appropriate—and proactive—players at the ever-growing intersection of Healthcare and 3D Printing.

Here are our two WEEK Events: (Scroll down this page for more details; the links below are now live to individual HCx3DP Meetups WEEK event information and RSVP pages on our Meetup.com/HCx3DP-NY site):

  • Event #1, Thursday, April 16 - HCx3DP-Hyper’d Medical Devices
    “Succeeding With HCx3DP-Engined  Medical Devices—Despite Cost Collapse, Hyper-Fast Delivery, EPA Dithering, IoT Hacking Threats, Neo-MedTechers Horning-In…”
    Panelists: Two confirmed; two invited (click the link above to see our Participants by name and profile). Venue: TBA. Time: 6:30 to 8:30 PM.

  • Event #2, Fri, April 17 - Effective Public Policy in The Age of (HCx3DP) Disruption– “Ensuring Local HCx3DP Commerce & Common-Good While Fostering A World-Dominating, Industrial-Segment, Cluster HQ in NYC…”
    Roundtable participants: two confirmed; three invited (click the link above to see our Participants by name and profile) Venue: TBA. Time: 3:00 to 5:00 PM.

We are peopling our Events with diverse players from Healthcare, 3DP and the disciplines that interact with, support, benefit from and/or regulate HC and 3DP. These include experts, subject gurus, thought leaders, organization heads and startup founders. Our Event confreres will also focus their knowledge, opinions and creativity on how HCx3DP is likely to shape New York City’s future betterment. Be there!


Land Grant
HCx3DP Meetup NY Organizer & HCx3DP Meetups WEEK Producer

Miranda Bastijns (left), Director, iMaterialise, with your blogger (right) in iMaterialise booth at the debut "3D Printshow NY" in February 2014.

Miranda Bastijns (left), Director, iMaterialise, with Land Grant (right) in iMaterialise booth at the debut “3D Printshow NY” in February 2014.