Land Grant

Founder, 3DP Media Inc.
Brooklyn, New York USA


Land Grant, Founder, 3DP Media Inc., DUMBO, Brooklyn, New York USA

Land Grant, Founder, 3DP Media Inc., DUMBO, Brooklyn, New York USA

Land Grant founded 3DP Media—in May of 2013—as a 3D Printing & Digital Fabrication (3DP) media house, think tank, event creator/producer & system designer to better local-community commerce and common-good via the accelerating “engine” of 3DP.

For 37 years, Land has lived—and helped rear a family with his wife Renée—in Brooklyn. He has enjoyed a career built around technology-product sales and marketing—both domestically and internationally—technical product writing and journalism, local economic development and tech-empowerment for small business. Regardless of career vectors, he has always thought entrepreneurially, creatively and with the larger picture of sustainability—for corporation and community—in mind.

Land Grant, The Red Avatar

Land Grant, The Red Avatar

Land Grant’s expertise in the 3D Printing marketplace speaks for itself. See his blog and Twitter posts, Vlogs, videos, interviews and commentary on the 3DP at this, his headquarters site (NYC3DP.com) and through his weekly eNewsletter: This Week in NYC3DP.


3DP Media 

We are now 3DP Media Inc.—a 3D-Printing-specialized media house, think tank and event creator/producer and system designer.

(Yes, in our parlance, “3D Printing”—and the older and more formal terminology of Additive Manufacturing—is now “3DP.” We believe common usage will follow suit. And, we’re intent on leading the way in the use of 3DP in media…) Our online HQ—and primary interface to you right now—is still here at NYC3DP.com.

At 3DP Media, we are more than a commercially focused startup. Yes—we ARE a “for profit” business. (And, we believe this enterprise status will enable us to control our own destiny, scale rapidly and achieve sustainability.)


Missions, Passions, Mantras 

Still—first and foremost—we are passionate about bigger goals for our City, State and Country. Not just commercial success, but common-good betterment. Call it “doing well by doing good.” And, this “good” revolves around economic development—at our New York City and State level.

Here are our THREE economic-development passions—as “corporate mantras.” (Or, you could think of these passion-driven positioning statements as “campaign buttons”—worn proudly on our lapels.)


Confab’ing, Clustering, Creating Jobs 

  1. Confab 3DP (Confabulate—or conference and connect—appropriate people to help build 3DP Community via “Big Tent” online and in-person knowledge & experiences.)
  2. Come (3DP) Cluster (Help create NYC’s 3DP Cluster—or our broad-spectrum Industrial Ecosystem—initiative to assure worldwide 3DP-leadership positioning.)
  3. 3DP = Jobs (A job—by our lights, a 3DP-engined job—is the ultimate economic-development solution. And, the doing-good goal of Confab’ing and Clustering.

The first two deliver the third. We’re working the first (Confab’ing )—with our online and event-based offerings—to assure that the second (Clustering) comes to pass. We feel that the third (Jobs) will evolve naturally from the proceeds of 1. and 2. Still, we will continue to spotlight the jobs goal of 3DP—because that’s where the doing-good payoff really lies.


New York City Creates A World-Leading 3DP Cluster?! 

So, 3DP Media’s mid-term goal is a NYC3DP Cluster.

New York City is positioned to establish the first, world-class, 3D-Printing “Cluster”—an industry-segment ecosystem for Additive Manufacturing. At 3DP Media, we believe New York can—and should—dominate the planet’s exploding 3DP commercial AND common-good revolutions. Think the City’s world-leading Clusters of Finance, Media, Fashion and more.

Hence, we employ Confab’ing to foster that New York City 3DP Cluster.


Confab’ing Tools Build A Cluster 

We believe coalescing Gotham’s diverse communities around 3D-Printing success strategies requires a Big Tent gathering of interests. Winning “Clustering” tactics will need to address—and effectively integrate—City and State commercial, social, economic and political players, organizations and objectives. Further, effective and sustainable Clustering of these 3DP-centric concerns requires ways and means of communication, inter-connection and aggregation. That is where our Confab’ing tools come into play…

With NYC3DP.comThis Week in NYC 3DP, last September’s NY3DP Summits and, in future, NY3DP Cluster Week, we’re intent on Confab’ing. Or, providing interest-aggregating tools for City and State Additive Manufacturing players at every level. These tools are designed to help us all build a wider—yet integrated—3D-Printing “community” of interconnection, synergy and business success in New York.


Startup Evolution, Corporate ID & Branding  

As a startup—we are one year old in May 2014—we are evolving rapidly. So, feel free to wonder occasionally at the adjustments to our corporate nomenclature, branding, online presences, Domain Names, URLs, products, positioning, etc.

For instance, we have just rolled out our new corporate identity—and new branding to support it.

As a business entity, we are now officially 3DP Media Inc. Our new corporate Logo Icon is a pair of 3D “V”s that relate to one another in changeable ways.

Depending on how they are viewed—with a number of visual illusions inherent in their interactive design—these “V”s present Escher-esque delights. Dismembered box? Rotating diamond? Cupped hands? Unattainable marriage? As inexplicable, mysterious and protean…as the “impossibilities” of some 3D-Printing production!


Keeping Up Connections 

Yes, we are evolving rapidly. Nonetheless, you can (to paraphrase) “Stay calm and learn on” with us.

If you have officially associated yourself with NYC3DP.com via some form of opt-in on our sites, online offerings or events, we pledge not to lose you. Nor, will we abuse your trust by failing to deliver on our relationship compact. (Of course, we can’t guarantee you will always agree with what we have to say or present—but that’s opinion not promise.)

Further, you may visit us via volitional and/or occasional Domain Name browsing—and not through our regularly scheduled “push” email delivery. Rest assured—if we should transfer your accustomed content or commerce to another of our sites as we evolve—we will always provide an automatic and seamless forward to the appropriate, new, online location from the URL you’re used to.


3DP Content, Context & Curation 

Finally, our job at 3DP Media is to make sure we present the latest 3DP content, we frame it in a knowledge-making context and we curate the news, views, tools and how-to to enrich your 3DP-modulated world.

To that end, you can choose among our different “vehicles” to achieve your 3DP goals. On our NYC3DP.com site, our 3DP content is “evergreen.” That means we continually update content online as new subject matter is received, gathered and/or edited. There, you may also find my recent Twitter tweets and my current and archived blog and Vlog posts.

You will find your “issue” of This Week in NYC 3DP  available as an eNewsletter delivered by opted-in email directly to you weekly each Monday morning. (Sign up for this pushed-to-you service on our Web site here.)

Finally, we’ve posted our most complete recordings (posts and videos) of NY3DP Summits (23 through 27 September 2013) on this site (see the Main Nav bar).


We Invite You To Come “Play” 

If you’re a 3DP player, we fervently hope you’ve found this new “About” Page informative, inspiring, involving—AND provoking of your further engagement with our 3DP offerings.  Additionally, we’ll be adding emerging categories of interest—in this rapidly evolving field—to fulfill your 3DP commercial and common-good needs and wants.

One day employment, too, will be “printed” by this disruptive—and opportunity-making—technology. Ultimately, what we hope 3DP disrupts most is unemployment and underemployment in our City and State. Come help us make 3DP = Jobs…good ones!


Land Grant

1 May 2014


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