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Health Maker Lab Welcomes YOU to Our New Home on the Web

[Note to Followers: We’re building a new site for Health Maker Lab, Inc. (HML), our new nonprofit, at Until that site is totally “up,” I may be parking some posts here. The formatting may look a little unusual…depending … Continue reading

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3DP & Human Health (Part 2): Innovative Additive-Manufactured Healthcare Infrastructure–Via “HuBod Printing”–Will Underpin Our Coming Health Advances

“HuBod Printing”—For Human Body—Is My Coinage For The Spectrum Of Powerful Mashups & Integrations 3DP Players Are Creating Between Additive Manufacturing And Healthcare. Welcome To The Second Installment In Our Blog-Post Series On HuBod Printing… According to Hod Lipson—holding forth as Conference Chairman of “Inside … Continue reading

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3DP Books: Volumes Of New, Curated Knowledge—In Ancient, Analog, Ink-on-Paper Form—Still Have Enormous Value To Help Explain Our Digital World…

In 2013, Industry Experts, Commentators and Players Created A Number Of (Physical!) Books To Help Explain, Explicate And Illuminate The Accelerating Social And Commercial Phenomenon Of 3D Printing And Digital Fabrication—What We Call, In Aggregate, “3DP.” Here is a selection … Continue reading

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