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Future Economic Impact Of 3DP? One Serious Projection Is Scary Big…And Foreshadows The American Dream Redux

…So Wondrous That—Even If They Are Only Half As Large As Projected Over A Decade Plus—Ever Responsible Government, Business And Non-Profit Organization Anywhere Needs To Start Considering The Potential Implications For Their Constituents…NOW… We—the “citizens” of the technologically driven world (and, in … Continue reading

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DIWire: Come Play With The World’s First DIY, DigiFab, Desktop Wire Bender— A Hands-On, CNC Workshop at Creator Pensa Labs

Pensa Labs Has Created The World’s-First, DIY, CNC, Desktop Wire-Bender: Get Your Innovations Out, Your CAM Files In & Your Hands On At This Interactive Workshop! 3DP Media is partnering with Pensa Labs to alert you to pure—and beautiful—innovation: DIWire. And, … Continue reading

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The Trike We Saw At MAD: The Vision Of A Five YO At “Out of Hand,” The 3DP Show At The Museum of Art & Design

If You Want to Understand The Impact of 3D Printing & Digital Fabrication on The Future, Try Seeing Curated 3DP Artifacts as Envisioned by a Five-Year-Old… I took my Just-Turned-Five grandson Grey to the Museum of Art & Design (or, … Continue reading

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