DIWire: Come Play With The World’s First DIY, DigiFab, Desktop Wire Bender— A Hands-On, CNC Workshop at Creator Pensa Labs

Pensa Labs Has Created The World’s-First, DIY, CNC, Desktop Wire-Bender: Get Your Innovations Out, Your CAM Files In & Your Hands On At This Interactive Workshop!

DIWire: Pensa Labs' Innovative Wire-Bending DIY, Desktop "Printer"

DIWire: Pensa Labs’ Innovative Wire-Bending DIY, Desktop “Printer”

3DP Media is partnering with Pensa Labs to alert you to pure—and beautiful—innovation: DIWire. And, to help invite you in to learn more about this creative-making creation—by enjoying an evening of introduction, demonstration and personal engagement with fully operational DIWires.

DIWire may be one of the best-named new products in the DigiFab world. It’s an extremely apt play-on-words teasing the term “DIY!”

DIY, Desktop, Digital Fabrication Is Changing Our World. Bend your mind around DIWire…

How Does A Design House Promote Its Design Capabilities?

Why, by designing something DYN-O-MITE to demo its collective creative genius!?! Something full-blown, high-styled, exquisite, working AND an answer to some Big Question. (Or, conversely, the answer to a Question Never Before Asked: think “iPhone!”)

Now, this would seem like a “no-brainer” for any design firm seeking to market itself in a competitive and “noisy” world. After all, every design house ultimately lives by its creative wits. Why not showcase this creativity by actually applying it to whimsy…or the work-a-day…or world hunger?!

Yet, the use of this proactive designer marketing-tool seems to happen all too rarely. Perhaps for a lack of resources, time, management bandwidth or…(horrors!!) creativity?! So, most such companies simply employ their portfolio of client work as case-studies to compel the next would-be client. Reactive, not proactive…

Pensa Labs Rain-Makes & Lightning Strikes Twice

Pensa—an eight-year-old design firm in DUMBO, Brooklyn—decided to be proactive in its marketing. It designed two products on spec…so to speak. One is “Street Charge” — now known as “AT&T Street Charge.” (Now, that’s a lightning strike.)

And, the other is DIWire. This product debuted in a KickStarter campaign—for $100,000—last Wednesday morning. By that evening it had surpassed its goal. By Friday EOD, it had booked KS $137,000 and counting. (Now, that’s a lightning strike redux.)

Both these industrial/commercial designs are winning awards…and wide notice. As marketing tools, they have far surpassed their premise and their promise. They’ve now become product lines and brands. And, Pensa Labs has become a successful product designer/manufacturer.

New Ed-Tech Tool For The K-12 Toolbox

DIWire is probably the fastest DigiFab, CNC “printer” currently available for makers—of whatever skill level or age. In an educational environment, speed of Idea-2-Item is important to capturing the imaginations—and keeping the attention—of children who may not have the patience or the vision to work through multiple classroom sessions to achieve results. Unlike most 3D Printers, DIWire can complete a project in just one class-period. As such, it can add a great of flexibility to the battery of classroom DigiFab tools available to the teacher.

So, here are additional details on DIWire and Wednesday’s Workshop:

What is the DIWire?

The DIWire is the first desktop wire bender. In digital fabrication, you have 3D printers for volumes and laser cutters for planes. Now you have the DIWire for creating lines. It transforms drawn curves (from any vector-based drawing program) into bent wire. You can then assemble the bent wire into whatever you would like. It can bend up to 1/8th inch steel, there is no limit to your “print bed” and the software is really easy and simple.

For more info, check out www.PensaLabs.com

The creators of the DIWire – Pensa Labs – will be showing you how to use it. It will be quick and fun and after you will have a new tool in your toolbox. Plus, you will be one of the lucky few to use it before it hits the market.

What should I bring to the workshop?

Please bring a laptop if you have one. Also, feel free to bring SVG files you want bent! Some things you should keep in mind are:

- Your file must be in SVG format and be a single path drawn from any vector-based drawing program (Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape etc.)
- All angles need to be smaller than 130 degrees
- Bend points need to be more than 12mm apart
- Parallel lines need to be at least 15mm apart

How can I stay in the loop with all that is DIWire-related?

Website - www.PensaLabs.com

Instagram – @PensaLabs

Facebook - www.facebook.com/PensaLabs

Twitter – @ThinkPensa


Booking Your Place at the DIWire Workshop:

Attendance is limited to 30 people. Please RSVP by booking your seat here—at the bottom of the DIWire Event Page accessed directly by this link. Our NYC3DP.com booking system will then email advise that you have successfully reserved a seat OR that you are on the wait list.

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