Debuting “3DP 101:” Our New 3D Printing/DigiFab—Knowledge Resource Collection (See The New Tab On Our Main Nav Bar)

With Our Unique Viewpoint From 3DP-Hub New York City, Curation Of Information, Knowledge & Insights About 3DP Is An Important Role For 3DP Media To Undertake: Here, Then, Is Our New Tool Of  Your Understanding In This Wondrous Industrial/Social Segment…

As of 19 Jan 2014, “3DP 101” is a new Main Tab on our Main Navigation Bar.

3DP” (i.e., 3D Printing & Digital Fabrication) is evolving with such explosive speed that maintaining even a general understanding of the technology and its trajectory is now a difficult job. So, I’ve decided to help make sense of this flood of information by pulling together and organizing the best of what we’ve curated here already—and the new as we report on it.

I’ve begun this combo “Introduction to 3DP” and “3DP Resource Repository” under the rubric of “3DP 101.” I will be adding initial resources here ASAP. And, building up further appropriate assets as I uncover them for the common use of our community. (If you have favorite resources that you’d like to recommend for inclusion, please email me [at ""] a title, link and a two-sentence review—and I’ll credit you accordingly…with Thanks!)

Take a moment and click through to our Intro on the new 3DP 101 Tab or click on the Main Nav Bar 3DP 101 Tab above…

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