C’mon Out To Our 3 February “HCx3DP Meetup NY”—Tuesday Evening’s Event Is Chocked Full Of Value: Here’s Our Latest Meetup Profile & Agenda…

Building networks of like-minded people is great fun! That’s what we’re all about at “HCx3DP New York” (with our focus of “Healthcare Multiplied By 3D Printing”). Unlike most social networks, “virality” is one of our inherent goals. Because we’re about innovation-making as a Group: via fun, fascination and infective thinking. At HCx3DP New York, we are out to build world-changing Community…join in AND enjoy…


HCx3DP MUp NYWith our “HCx3DP Campaign,” we’re intent on helping coalesce another world-beating industrial-segment Cluster in NYC. Cluster-building—and the advancements of our various Communities therefrom—is also one of our Campaign’s goals!

Our now-regular “HCx3DP Meetup NY” [to become a Member, link here] events are engines of our “Big Tent” Community building. Here is the Profile, Presenters and Agenda for our Tuesday, 3 February Meetup (tomorrow night!) [to RSVP for the event, link here].

If you’d like to attend, please be our guest! We’ll be delighted to gratis “comp” you the gate-fee administratively for this event—so you may experience our enriching ROI. You’ll be sold on the value we’re delivering. BUT, first, you must join “HCx3DP Meetup NY” and then RSVP for our Tuesday, 3 February Meetup


Welcome HCx3DP Synergist! 

(…present or prospective…)

Our next Meetup Event is Tuesday, 3 February! This is the latest update of our agenda for that coming evening (as of Super Bowl Sunday, 1 February):

We’re delighted to enjoy the generous hosting of ThoughtWorks for our 3 February Meetup.

TWorks is the innovative software development house—with offices in 12 countries, a client base in the Fortune 100 and a corporate “Social Impact Program.” The firm’s New York offices are at 99 Madison Avenue, 15th Floor (at the corner of East 29th Street, a few blocks southeast of Penn Station). Our event there will abide by our regular 6:30 to 8:30 PM event hours.

As promised, we’ve continued to develop our February 3rd “Expert” lineup. Via your attendance, here are the Expert Presenters you will now enjoy:

Digital-Laser Fab’ing for Med Devices and BioTech—Sarah Boisvert: Co-Founder and Chief 3D Printing Officer of Potomac Photonics, a digital-laser fabrication service with particular emphasis in the Medical Device and BioTech industries. She is also the Founder of Fab Lab Hub (with 62K+ Twitter followers!), which supports Fab Labs on the East Coast of the U.S. (Confirmed.)

3DP Retail’s Role in DIY HC—Sylvain Preumont: Founder & Director of iMakr of London and New York City. His innovative retail operations foreshadow how this rapidly developing 3DP segment of DIY/DIT end-users, makers, consumers and prosumers are likely to support, lead and invent 3D Printing’s future. We foresee a retail-driven marketplace for DIY Healthcare participants and players—especially with potential strategic alliances with new HC communities like Maker Nurses. (Confirmed.)

3DP Equipment & Process Showcase—Arthur Young-Spivey: Digital Fabrication Specialist at NRI, a digital-offerings service bureau—supporting the enterprise and professionals—from nine offices in the Northeast Corridor and major cities around the U.S. NRI has now enhanced its integrated technology, data and document management services—delivered on-site or from its production centers—with professional 3DP capabilities. On 3 Feb—because of the popularity of orientations—NRI is helping us to continue showcasing still largely unfamiliar 3DP equipment and functionality for the over-view education of our Meetup audiences. (Confirmed.)

We’re working hard to keep improving on our Meetup successes. We’ll evolve our agendas as we build value for our audiences—YOU! Our February 3 Meetup will present our regular event features with on-going upgrades. Our 3 February Agenda now includes:
1. Orientation, Announcements, Evening’s Doings [Land Grant, 3DP Media; 5 minutes];

2. Audience self-intros, expectations & wish-lists [Attendees; 5 to 10 minutes];

3. The latest revision of our “HCx3DP Album of Innovation” [Land Grant, 3DP Media; 10 minutes];

4. Tour of NRI’s Professional Service-Bureau 3D Printing Lab Via Video & Oral Comment, with Concurrent Q&A [Arthur Young-Spivey, NRI; 20 minutes];

5. A Synergistic Vision of Fab Labs, Medical Devices & DIY/DIT Healthcare [Sarah Boisvert, Fab Lab Hub & Potomac Photonics; 15 minutes];

6. 3DP-Retail’s Coming Role in DIY/DIT Healthcare [Sylvain Preumont, iMakr New York; 15 minutes];

7. Roundtable Discussion With Audience Interaction [Land, Arthur, Sarah, Sylvain, ALL; 15 minutes];

8. Audience Polling: Suggestions for Meetup and Community Betterment (e.g., panel topics, experts to recruit, directions we might go, etc.) [15 minutes];

9. Networking | networking | networking with light refreshments.

[Presentations Estimated Run-time: 1:45]

So, fellow HCx3DP Synergists, mark you calendars—and RSVP online now—for our “HCx3DP Meetup NY” of Tuesday, 3 February. And, I pledge to keep you updated as we enhance our evening’s rich program.

Best for your (HCx3DP-driven) 2015!


PS. …AND, I promise to share the latest iteration of our “HCx3DP Album of Innovation” with you on 3 February, too…

Land Grant, Organizer




C’mon Back!




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