NY3DP NetWeek 2014: Our Next Free-Wheeling Investigation Of Revolutionary 3DP In NYC & NYState

All of these three commercial activities help form our knowledge platform—a knowledge-base intended for your further empowerment within our revolutionary 3DP world…

Events are key to our knowledge platform building. Person-to-person is still the most effective way to build relationships, exchange ideas and conspire to improve the mutual future.

So, we created September’s NY3DP Summits to study the impact of 3DP/Digital Fabrication technological disruption—and opportunities!—on our New York-wide commerce and common-good. We succeeded! 

Now, we’re intent on doing it again. AND, better! Here’s the current profile of our NY3DP NetWeek 2014:

  • Now scheduled for the end of May 2014;
  • As a multi-venue, multi-topic, multi-sponsor five-day event-set;
  • Held in various locations in tech-centric New York City;
  • But will connect with New York State “partner” venues via telecom;
  • All sessions will be recorded for future use in Vlogs and Webinars;
  • Will build further on the six topics of Summits;
  • Probably adding four to five more topics;
  • Some topics will contain multiple session tracks and
  • Sponsors will be empowered with multiple modes of marketing.

3DP Media’s tagline is “Building Community Via 3D Printing!” We’re seeking to build a “big tent” to welcome-in EVERYone across a very-varied spectrum of interests and intents and ideologies. The Goal: the betterment of tech-empowered and humanity-centered community (at whatever scale) life in New York City and State.

I’ve intentionally kept the Summits‘ Event-Homepage up on this site (you can also find it under “Events” in the Main Nav Bar). It’s full of information about our 2013 Summits‘ agenda, the seminal ideas at issue and the people we recruited (dragooned?!) to engage them.  And, the captured proceeds—via commentary and full-session videos.

NOW: on to NY3DP NetWeek 2014! We’ll have more to tell you in the next weeks and months.

So, C’mon Back! (And, Best of the Season…)



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