Our PRACTITIONER <=>­ PATIENT Meetup POSTPONED: Please Re-Calendar To Wed 22 Feb!

[The following was published publicly online for our "HCx3DP Meetup NY"-interested readership on our prospective 25 January 2017 Meetup Event homepage---and to our subscribing Meetup-Member Community by email---on Friday, 20 January 2017, at 10:15 AM.]

Dear Synergist!

Trump Fraught Times arrive at High Noon today. Our start to political upheaval is upon us. Savor these last sane moments of the Obama Administration. Good Luck to us all…

At Health Maker Lab we’re working harder to make our Luck. For the betterment and benefit of you, our constituents and our communities.

This isn’t the time for turning inward, but about facing out. Not the navel-gazing personal but the inclusive, horizon-bright polity of people who need our mutual help.

So—to help achieve our ambitious HML goals—we’re also postponing our next Meetup to Wednesday, 22 February. In the last several weeks, we’ve contended with just TOO many moving parts. From pending new commercial relationships to building infrastructure to trying to position Health Maker Lab to make the best/most of Trump Fraught Times.

Kindly re-calendar.

We’re taking time to redouble our efforts to make more of our time—and these times. Please stay and stand with us.

Looking forward: moving ahead!


Founder, 3DP Media &
Health Maker Lab, Inc.

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