“Printing Up Jobs In Your Nabes”: Examining The New 3DP Drivers Of Local Economic Development

3DP Media’s “NY3DP Summits” Roundtable on Neighborhood-Level Digital Re-Industrialization Examines How Community Economic Development Organizations Can Employ 3D Printing To Drive Hyperlocal Wealth Generation.

We kicked-off our week of NY3DP Summits with our “Printing Up Jobs in Your Nabes” Roundtable at the DUMBO Startup Lab, DUMBO, Brooklyn on the evening of Monday, 23 September 2013.

At 3DP Media, one of our primary goals is helping New York City and New York State to foster grassroots, bottom-up, DIY “DigiCottage Industry.”

We’re fervent in our belief that 3D Printing—and the wider arsenal of Digital Fabrication technology—can help foster new  workforce development and middle-class employment in the Nabes. That’s kitchen table by walk-up by storefront—to build and retain neighborhood wealth for the betterment of our commercial and common-good success.

3DP Media gathered eight diverse experts, thought leaders and topic authorities at our Summits first Roundtable to investigate the questions (and more) posed in our title and subtitle. With the distributed power of disruptive (and opportunity-presenting!) 3DP, the hyperlocal is where the action is.

Can we employ 3DP to empower the local Economic Development Organization (EDO: think BID or Merchant Block or Civic Association or Chamber of Commerce) to help “soft re-industrialize” the neighborhood via the DigiFab enabling of their already-aggregated constituencies? Should we target existing businesses and ramp-ups? Or, should the focus shift to startups and entrepreneurs? Can we build 3DP Knowledge Platforms to help various communities create local—yet integrated—”mini-districts” of Digital Fabrication solutions, jobs, synergy and business success across New York City?

So, we enjoyed two hours of Econ Dev/3DP give-&-take, reached some important conclusions and found new connections to future mutual interests. 3DP Media video’d and mind-mapped the entire session. Here is our “Printing Up Jobs in Your Nabes” video in three parts: link to PART #1, PART #2 and PART #3.

Then, return here for more follow-up and additional knowledge built on this innovative Roundtable’s findings. On The Kitchen Table, In The Walk-Up Nano-Factory, In The Storefront Cottage Industry…

C’mon Back!



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