3DP Media Intros CoAligned & Coupled “i3E+ngines”: NY3DP NetWeek & 3DP(in a)Can

We Roll-Out (A) The Complete & Compelling Meaning Of “i3E”; (B) “NY3DP NetWeek”—A New Event To Build On Our September “NY3DP Summits” Momentum; AND (C) “3DP(in a)Can”—An Innovative Mode To Educate The Underserved, Hyperlocally—Wherever Their Neighborhood May Be Geographically! (Part #1)

My regular readers (all three or four of you)—from the patent evidence of the title and subtitle convoluted above—may start mumbling yet again about my propensity for acronyms, neologisms and bizarre uses of written English. Suck it up, Friends: here we go again…

So: i3E

Recall (if you can!) what we’re trying to accomplish at 3DP Media in our revolutionary world of 3D Printing and Digital Fabrication. In this new, new space, we’re a media house, think tank and event producer. All of these are knowledge platforms. And—for these platforms to be really useful to the largest number of interested people and organizations—we have to market and promote them as widely as possible.

In this digital media-driven discipline of exposure, connection and relationship-building, what works best for the successful insemination of new concepts? Usually the short, novel, slightly mysterious, acronymic, provocative, easy to say, compelling, rhythmic/rhymey, memorable and visually pleasing. Yep: “i3E“—our newest neologism. (OK: literally, “new word,” which may in fact be a new word to you…)

OK: we tried to encapsulate all these DigiMedia admonitions in a our education/promotion tool. Voila: i3E! Now, we could have a shot at success in this buzzy, oversaturated, chaotic universe of competing interests—O, the signal-to-noise ratio!—maybe!

To start—and maybe to finish, at least here for now—what does i3E mean? Wait for it…Inspiration, Education, Entrepreneurship & Economic Development!

Yes, you know (some of you!) we just (September 23 through 27) ran an entire, week-long, 3DP/DigiFab event—NY3DP Summits—around this set of drivers.

And, to make it even better, we’ve hooked this idiom to our favorite mantra/equation—3DP=Jobs—and made a new formula! Here it is: 3DP->i3E.

3DP is inspiring educators, startup founders and economic development organizations (EDOs) to deploy 3DP and Digital Fabrication for their constituencies and communities.

(See what our NY3DP Summits topic experts and thought leaders have to say at our September Roundtables—video-captured and viewable via our Vlog links in the next paragraph below—about 3DP->i3E opportunities.)

Using 3DP/DigiFab systems, educators (“3DP & Kids“) are teaching both children and adults about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Entrepreneurs are employing these (“New Industrial Revolution“) systems to create new startups and employ people. And, EDOs are helping their local commercial communities to learn about and use these (“Printing Up Jobs“) systems to build their existing enterprises.

And, that’s all just a start using our new formula-to-action: 3DP->i3E!

So, C’mon Back!




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