More About 3DP Media’s i3E+ngines: NY3DP NetWeek Profiled, Positioned & Presented Provocatively

Last Post, I Rolled-Out “i3E” (Or, What Revolutionary 3DP/DigiFab Can Do To Empower Our Communities!); In This Post, I’ll Tell You About One Of The Drivers Of i3E: Our “NY3DP NetWeek”—A Debut Event Designed To Build On Our September “NY3DP Summits” Momentum Around The Tandem & Tech-Driven Betterment Of City & State. (Part #2)

First, some background on how we evolved the concept and shape of NY3DP NetWeek…this quick review informs the process and how NetWeek came to be…

We created September’s NY3DP Summits to study the impact of 3DP/Digital Fabrication technological disruption—and opportunities!—on our New York-wide commerce and common-good. We succeeded!

NYC3DP’s tagline is “Building Community Via 3D Printing!” We’re seeking to build a “big tent” to welcome-in EVERYone across a very-varied spectrum of interests and intents and ideologies. The Goal: the betterment of tech-empowered and humanity-centered community (at whatever scale) life in New York City and State.

So, first, (1) we gathered four different Roundtables peopled (geniused!) by a total of 30 topic experts, thought leaders and “techreatives.” (E.g., Brooklyn-ish, gadfly-esque, change-making “enterprisers”—with or without business portfolio—but grounded in the DigiNew and its riotous ramifications…)

Then, (2) we asked these diverse Roundtablers to exchange and expand and exult on the opportunities they saw 3DP engining in key segments of hyperlocal, civic-community and/or statewide common-good. (Like Inspiration, Education, Entrepreneurship and Economic development: Voila! i3E again…)

Finally, (3) we recorded it all in mindmaps and videos. So, all that synergistic brain work and creative thinking would be available for your use…

I’ve intentional kept the Summits‘ Event-Homepage up on this site (you can also find it under “Events” in the Main Nav Bar). It’s full of information about our Summits‘ agenda, the seminal ideas at issue and the people we recruited (dragooned?!) to engage them.  and the captured proceeds—via commentary and full-session videos.

We succeeded—in our first-time effort—to impanel the appropriately knowledgeable, segment-focused and creatively inclined. Our empowered Roundtables successfully began the investigations of  3DP vis a vis important social and commercial sectors to City and State.

Right now, you can link to the commentary and video proceeds of our Roundtables on 3DP and Economic Development (“Printing Up Jobs In Your Nabes…“), Re-Industrialization (“New Industrial Revolution…“) and Education (“3DP & Kids…“).

[If you’re reading this post and see this interjection, you’ll want to return later today to see the rest of my commentary on NY3DP NetWeek here.]

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