“Come (3DP) Cluster”–Land Grant Presents On The “Make: 3D Printing Stage” at World Maker Faire 2013

How Makers & Other 3D-Printing Players Can Help Create A Re-Industrializing 3DP “Ecosystem” in NYC

Saturday morning—at World Maker Faire at NYSCI’s Hall of Science in Flushing Meadows, Queens—I was delighted to speak on “clustering” to Makers at the VERY popular Faire for 2013. HERE‘s the link to my presentation.

And, here’s how I described the content: “Our 3DP-driven, DIY citizen-Makers are leading our governments’ economic-development policy makers. NYC3DP.com & This Week in NYC3DP Publisher will present his insightful perspective on the development of NYC’s 3DP, world-beating cluster. These novel views stem from reporting on bottom-up, DIY Makers, key 3DP product/services companies, tech startups, public officials, economic development players, educators, non-profits, foundations, et al. We citizens of New York need to foster our Nation’s biggest & best re-industrialization HERE. With its hand-made tech empowerment, 3DP will drive our City’s manufacturing makeover. 3DPers, Join In!”

Much more to come this week at our NY3DP Summits—check out our four Roundtables right here on this site.

C’mon Back!


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