Our 4th HCx3DP “Album of Innovation” Is Now Available To YOU; AND, Introducing A Sneak-Peek Of Our New & Innovative “HCx3DP Meetups WEEK”…

Below is your link to the “Album Of Innovation” our “HCx3DP Meetup NY” Attendees enjoyed at our 12 March Event last week…  I love curating these “Albums” from the ever-wider streams of innovation flowing from the head-waters confluence of Healthcare and 3D Printing! Producing each next iteration of these “snap-shot” compendia enables me to really understand where this “river” is beginning to carry us all. (For yet more on our growing Metro-NYC Community at this intersection, follow our HCx3DP Meetup New York initiative: HEY, become a Community Member…it’s FREE!)


Leaf through our .PDF Album of healthcare wonders via the link below. As I’ve said before: these times, these developments, will make the “readers” of this Album thrill to the opportunities in commerce and common-good that present via these “pages”—showing how, where and why these technologies integrate so forcefully…



Number Four: Our Newest 
“HCx3DP Album of Innovation”:

HCx3DP NY-Album of Innov-Rev 8-Short-2-12Mr15



In one of my next posts here, I plan to unveil—to you, Dear Readers—details of our next ambitious effort to advance HCx3DP here in New York City. We’re calling it “HCx3DP Meetups WEEK.” We’re running this novel suite of FIVE consecutive Meetups in one week (13 through 17 April) in cooperation with MecklerMedia’s new “3D Print Week New York.”

3DPrintWeekClick on Meckler’s link above for an informative overview of the many other 3DP events during that week—including ours. Or, take a direct sneak-peek at our Event “Landing Page” here.

We’ll roll out this innovative, week-long event in mid-April. Stay tuned! Get psyched!! Join in!!! AND…

…C’mon Back!


PS. If you’re personally as fascinated by HCx3DP as I am, consider becoming a volunteer for us during our “HCx3DP Meetups WEEK.” Get an insider’s look and feel, better understand career opportunities at this hyper-hot intersection and enjoy free access to our events. Interested? Email me at Land(at)NYC3DP(dot)com…

A Caduceus Key Fob, 3D Printed DIY in plastic from the "library" of Thingiverse: Thank You MakerBot and Vin Min.

A Caduceus Key Fob, 3D Printed DIY in plastic from the “library” of Thingiverse: Thank You MakerBot and Vin Min.


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