Our Newest HCx3DP Album: The Latest Innovations In The Accelerating Technological Developments In HCx3DP (Healthcare Multiplied By 3D Printing): A Visual Presentation Of Medical Marvels & More To Come…

The veritable explosion of mind-boggling progress at the widening intersection of Healthcare and 3D Printing is one reason that we’re focusing more energy on this inventive and innovative new sector. (Follow our just-launched HCx3DP New York initiative!)  Other reasons are the commercial and common-good outcomes this novel technology is beginning to deliver in the personal and public spheres—for our society’s betterment. Leaf through our digital album of healthcare wonders via the link below. AND—I promise—you ain’t seen nothing yet! —LG



Our Newest
“HCx3DP Album of Innovation”:

HCx3DP NY-Latest Tech Prez-Rev 5-14N14


If you’d like to see this “Album” presented live—with my narration—come join us at our first HCx3DP New York Meetup event. This first get-together of our brand-new HCx3DP Community will offer a number of informative modes for your enhanced knowledge of the new and important intersection of Healthcare and 3D Printing. (Or, as our new “brand” proclaims: HCx3DP, Healthcare Multiplied By 3D Printing.) Our very first Meetup modes will include demos, attendee intros, this Album presentation, a DIY/DIT Healthcare panel and networking with light refreshments.

Here’s how we introduce and describe all the latest planned action on our HCx3Dp New York Meetup Group Page:



Welcome HCx3DP Synergist! 

(…present or prospective…)

Our “HCx3DP New York” MeetupHCx3DP stands for “Healthcare Multiplied by 3D Printing”—is designed to help grow a community of Metro NYC “HCx3DP Synergists.” Together, we will strive to discover, learn, exchange and advance personal, commercial and common-good knowledge about the new, important and valuable at the exciting and empowering intersection of HC & 3DP in our New York City. (For further background on our Meetup directions (and planned “ecosystem”), link to my Blog post of 27 October: HCx3DP New York: The Launch of ‘Healthcare Multiplied By 3D Printing’ in the Capital of Healthcare & 3DP…”)


Group Organizer


Here’s our Showcase-Panel Topic for our 12 November HCx3DP “Launch” Meetup-Event: 

DIY/DIT (Do-It-Together) Healthcare: Present &  Prospective Realities & Trends At The HCx3DP-Community Grassroots

[RSVP Here...]


Your “Take-Aways”—From The Agenda Items Of Our Inaugural, In-Person, HCx3DP Meetup—Will Include:

(1) Agenda Item: greetings and orientation to “HCx3DP New York’s” structure, operating concepts & goals by me, Organizer Land Grant;

>> Take-Away: An operational understanding “HCx3DP New York” and its value to you, plus my self-intro and my plans to assure a rich and compelling HCx3DP environment for Members and attendees;

(2)   Agenda Item: informal attendee self-intros, sharing of interests & expectations;

>> Take-Away: A personal view of fellow HCx3DP members and attendees, their topics of concentration and what they hope to get from their membership/attendance;

(3) Agenda Item: my short A/V presentation (a continually updated “work in progress”) on the latest developments in HCx3DP. (I presented the first iteration of this overview at the NYC Health Business Leaders‘ panel—”The 3D Printing Revolution Meets Healthcare”—in June.);

>> Take-Away: A visual “mental picture” with bullets, annotations and comments profiling the latest developments in HCx3DP technology and solutions;

(4)  Agenda Item: a panel discussion on some of the newest innovations in DIY/DIT (Do-It-Together) Healthcare: Including Maker Nurses, 3D Printed Prosthetic Devices & Community BioLab medical cross-overs, followed by Q&A. Here are our projected panel participants:

Victor Ty, Jr. RN — Health Maker: associated with MakerNurse.org &  
LEGO Medical Design (miniature med-procedure “demos” for children undergoing medical tests and interventions);

Aaron Michael Roy — DIY/DIT 3D-Printed Prosthetic Devices: 
 Director of Corporate Strategy,  
3D Printing Operating System; Meetup Organizer, “Learn 3D Printing – Brooklyn”; Volunteer, e-NABLE, DIY/DIT 3DP’d Prosthetic Devices for children;

Danny Cabrera — The Democratization of Bioprinting: Co-Founder & CEO, BioBots; Philadelphia; “Bringing about the new age of rapid bio-prototyping.”

>> Take-Away: An expert-guided appreciation for several distinct branches of DIY/DIT Healthcare growing up from the community grassroots—with hybrid implications—via a “Maker-Cultivation” husbandry. Plus, how these phenoms contrast and compare, and what synergies pertain;

(5)   Agenda Item: a side-bar demo of 3D printing for the uninitiated by the Organizers of the Meetup “Learn 3D Printing – Brooklyn;”

>> Take-Away: A hands-on, up-close orientation around actual 3DP-desktop Additive Manufacturing, informed by free-form Q&A during demos and commentary.

(6)   Agenda Item: ample time for networking and congenial cross-connecting (plus light refreshments).


In this and future meetups, we will seek to explore such topics (and those YOU suggest) as:

• 3DP-Empowered Personalized Healthcare;

• DIY/DIT Robo-Hands Movement;

• DIY/DIT Synthetic-Biology Labs;

• DIY/DIT Medicine: Maker Nurses;

• 3DP’d Non-Invasive ExoSolutions;

• Patient-Controlled Robotic Exoskeletons;

• Regenerative Orthopedic Medicine;

• 3DP’d Endodontia & Orthodontia;

• 3DP’d BioComposite Medical Devices;

• 3DP’d Medical-Model Planned Surgery;

• Bioprinted Replacement Soft Tissues & Organs;

• Drug Development Via 3DP’d Tissues;

• FDA Tissue-Toxicity Testing;

• Health-Promoting 3DP’d Nutrition;

• Space-Modulated Synthetic Biology; and

• So Much More In Daily Development…


So, join us—on the evening of Wednesday, 12 November—to enjoy a deep dive into the booming HC sector of 3DP and help us kick-off the Team-building of our Community of  “HCx3DP Synergists!”

I look forward to “meeting up” with you…



What fun we’re going to have…

C’mon Back!



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