Now At NY(C)3DP, We’re Launching Innovative 3DP Events To Help Create Community Via 3D-Printing Empowerment

“NY3DP Summits” & “NY3DP Week”—Two New “Big Tents” Events To Gather-In A Spectrum of 3DP Interests.

Person to Person in-Person is the ultimate relationship-building stance. That’s why humans—THE gregarious species—have been meeting-up since the cave fire, the cross-roads and the conference put people together for mutual benefit.

For you sharp-eyed readers with a refined sense of continuity (or OCD!), “NY3DP” is NOT what THIS site—”NYC3DP”—is called. It’s been two months since our nativity as on 13 June at NExT (Northside Entrepreneurship & Technology) Conference/Expo during the Northside Festival in Williamsburg. We quickly realized that New York State as a whole was a very important—if not key—part of the inclusive geography of our 3DP community building here in New York. So, we’ll be seguing to a more accurate organizational positioning—starting with our first two NY3DP events. More about these events below: please read on!

Our New Business Focus on the Hottest Topic in Tech: 3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing

Three months ago, my new Cofounder—Tina Trenkler—and I decided to collaborate around a “pivot” I wanted to make in my startup business. (For you non-entrepreneurs, “pivot” is a term of art in the startup-business world that means a major strategic shift in commercial direction.) I was able to persuade (dragoon?) Tina to join me in my business  pivot.  Our startup goal was to co-align with my full-time focus on a personal and commercial passion I’ve had for the last three years. That is 3D Printing (what we’re calling “3DP.”).

Even casual observers of technology have now seen some of the intense 3DP coverage in various media . It’s a hot topic because 3DP is the next “technology disruptor” — the fourth in our lifetimes. (Case you’re wondering, here they are: {1} PC; {2} Internet; {3} Social Media; {4} 3DP).

3DP-Driven Economic Development for Commercial and Commonweal Betterment 

“Disruptor” 3DP promises to change many, many industries—as well as how we live in the 21st C.—fundamentally. Most importantly—from our personal and strategic perspective of helping drive Commercial and Commonweal Betterment—3DP can and will “engine” economic development.

Here are our THREE Economic-Development “corporate mantras.” (Or, you could think of these positioning statements as “campaign buttons”—worn proudly on our lapels.)

  1. 3DP = Jobs (A job is the ultimate economic-development solution.)
  2. Confab 3DP (Confabulate—or conference and connect—interested people to build Community via Urban, Local “Big Tent” events and experiences.)
  3. Come (3DP) Cluster (Create NYC’s 3DP Cluster—or Industrial Ecosystem—initiative for worldwide 3DP-leadership positioning.)

Doing Well By Doing (3DP) Good 

As with other such disruptions, 3DP also presents commercial opportunities. We’re now moving ahead rapidly to seize several of those business possibilities—and profit from them.

We ARE a “for profit” business. This will enable us to control our own destiny, scale rapidly and achieve sustainability.

We believe that in a gold rush, sell picks and shovels. Don’t pan for gold. (Just as the Mormons literally sold picks and shovels to the 49ers trekking through SLC. Or, think of Levi Strauss selling riveted, blue-jean, work pants to miners—creating Levi’s!)

Our new business—currently named—is all about providing 3DP knowledge, education experiences and network access to the New York City and State “community” of 3DP players at every level.

Our 3DP Knowledge Platform & Community-Building Events 

So, since 13 June we’ve had our new Web site up and running (right here at And, we’ve published our weekly eNewsletter every Monday morning since 24 June. I’m blog and Twitter posting on our Site with the latest info for our 3DP industry niche and how it impacts our New York communities. And, I’m working to build a “stable” of guest posters to widen our concepts and coverage.

(Hey, if you’ve got something authoritatively 3DP to say, say it well and would like a public platform from which to say it, reach out to me to talk about guest posting here.)

Now, we are planning and implementing two Events upcoming. These are:

  1. NY3DP Summits (one roundtable-style event per day on a major 3DP topic) during 23 to 27 September (plus World Maker Faire Education Day on 19 September, my World Maker Faire presentation on 21 or 22 September and an NYC3DP event around National Manufacturing Day in the following week of 30 September), AND
  2. NY3DP Week (full fledged, multi-location, multi-host, multi-sponsor event) in a business week between 19 January and 7 February 2014.

“NY3DP Summits” Is The Pilot Event Leading to “NY3DP Week”

In our efforts to build 3DP community—and a 3DP cluster—in New York City, we are beginning with a groundwork-laying event. This is NY3DP Summits in September. To date, no organization has managed to identify, inform and bring together all the diverse players in this exploding universe of New York 3DP. That’s both City and State—AND they are synergistic.

At NYC3DP, we’re working to be that catalyst to community-building change.

Thus, we’re seeking to bring together a diverse population of players in 3DP and those organizations and individual with interests—present and prospective—in where this new industry is going…at such high speed!

So, we’re looking for considered and knowledgable input—in NY3DP Summits’ public-event settings—from private industry, non-profits, government leaders and agencies, academic institutions, economic development organizations, thought leaders and gurus, media observers, financial institutions, utilities of every stripe, professionals, associations, 3DP “makers” and more.

The primary goals of NY3DP Summits are to help coalesce our 3DP community and help design and develop our more ambitious NY3DP Week event scheduled for late Winter 2014.

“NY3DP Summits” Sessions—An Agenda For Mutual Connection & Education

At NY3DP Summits, we will air views, concepts and projections as well as hard-won facts from those on the ground who are making 3DP happen right now. NY3DP Summits will present one roundtable-style event per day that will focus on a major 3DP topic. Here is our current agenda as of this writing:


NY3DP Summits Sessions  (19 thru 27 September + 4 October 2013) 


(a) Thursday, 19 September

NY3DP at World Maker Faire “Education Day”

Sponsored and managed locally by NYSCI (New York Hall of Science and host of WMF); events located at the Hall of Science.

NY3DP participation will be organized with the help of Saber Khan, Technology Director of Little Red Schoolhouse, the original, K-12, progressive-education private school in NYC.


(b) Saturday, 21 or Sunday, 22 September

World Maker Faire

Come (3DP) Cluster

How Makers & Other 3D-Printing Players Can Help Create A Re-Industrializing ‘Ecosystem’ in NYC. Presentation by Land Grant on Main Stages during Faire.


(c) Monday, 23 September

“Printing Up Jobs” in Your Nabes 

How The 3D-Printing Revolution Can Help Remake Local Economic Development

This Roundtable will examine how 3DP can help local communities to build and maintain wealth at the neighborhood level. [Link to my post:]


(d) Tuesday, 24 September

Re-Industrialization & 3D Printing

Will 3DP in New York City Spearhead America’s Manufacturing Make-Over?!

This Roundtable and ancillary events located at Brooklyn Navy Yard’s BLDG92.


(e) Wednesday, 25 September

3DP’s Latest “Cures” in Healthcare, Medical Science & BioTech

This Roundtable will look at how 3D Printing technology in New York City is innovating—presently and prospectively—for human health.


(f) Thursday, 26 September

Design for Manufacturing Summit

Peter Verkooijen’s existing multi-panel/keynoter event in DUMBO.


(g) Friday, 27 September

Tech & Ed & 3DP (Title TBD)

NYS Assembly topic Roundtable at John Jay College

(Sponsored by Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal, Chairwoman of the Assembly’s Committee on Science & Technology).


(h) Friday, 4 October

NY3DP “Skilled Career” Tours of MakerBot & Shapeways on National Manufacturing Day

[Additional activities TBD in cooperation with ITAC et al.]


As before, this begins our NY3DP Summits discussion with you. Lots going on!  All aimed at your community commerce and commonweal betterment. Please return here often to see what else is happening with our major new tools of your communication and ours.

C’mon Back!


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