NY3DP Summits Update—The Latest on Our Debut, 3D Printing-Centric, Big-Tent Event in Late September

Come Join In: 3DP-Related Sessions, Sponsors, Speakers, Mini-Expos, Tours & Innovative High-Times from 19 September to 4 October

Last week we continued to develop the content of our first-time NY3DP event. That is “NY3DP Summits”—a multi-day series of 3D-Printing / Additive Manufacturing “summits” that we’re organizing to help fulfill one of our NYC3DP missions.

That ambitious “big-tent” mission—really our core passion—is to coalesce the entire spectrum of 3DP-interested people, players and organizations in New York City and State. We’re out to assist in building an inter-connected 3DP Community. From there, we hope to help foster a 3D-Printing industrial-segment “Cluster” based in Metro-NYC.

That Cluster concept is this: an integrated, 3DP ecosystem of successful commerce and commonweal betterment for our City and State. Think: the existing—and world-dominant—job-generating Clusters of New York City, e.g., Media, Fashion, Finance, etc.

Our City is already home of two of the most innovative—and segment-commanding—companies in worldwide 3DP. These are MakerBot of Brooklyn and Shapeways of Manhattan & Queens.

Thus, we have a head-start on the other competitive players on the planet in this disruptive 3D-Printing industry. New York: Come (3DP) Cluster. (Hey, another of our organizational mantras…)

So, here’s our latest listing of goings-on at our “NY3DP Summits.” We’re hustling to continue building our event’s richness and value for you. Come on back to get your “NY3DP Summits” updates here on this site.


“NY3DP Summits” Sessions—An Agenda For Mutual Connection & Education

At NY3DP Summits, we will air views, concepts and projections as well as hard-won facts from those on the ground who are making 3DP happen right now. In most cases, NY3DP Summits will present one roundtable-style event per day that will focus on a major 3DP topic. Some of these roundtables will also include ancillary mini-expos and tours. Here is our current Event agenda as of this writing:


NY3DP Summits Sessions  (19 thru 27 September + 4 October 2013) 


(a) Thursday, 19 September

NY3DP at World Maker Faire “Education Day”

Sponsored and managed locally by NYSCI (New York Hall of Science and host of WMF); events located at the Hall of Science.

NY3DP participation will be organized with the help of Saber Khan, Technology Director of Little Red Schoolhouse, the original, K-12, progressive-education private school in NYC.


(b) Saturday, 21 or Sunday, 22 September

World Maker Faire

Come (3DP) Cluster

How Makers & Other 3D-Printing Players Can Help Create A Re-Industrializing ‘Ecosystem’ in NYC. (Presentation by Land Grant on one of the Main Stages during the Faire in Queens.)


(c) Monday, 23 September

“Printing Up Jobs” in Your Nabes: Kitchen Table to Cottage Industry to Local Manufacturer 

Will The 3D-Printing Revolution Help Remake Local Economic Development, Build Wealth & Retain It In The Community?

[For more detail on this session, link to my post on this site: http://nyc3dp.com/?p=480]


(d) Tuesday, 24 September

New Industrial Revolution: 3D-Printing Transformers, Nabes-Based Nanofactories & American Re-Shoring

Will New York City Spearhead America’s Manufacturing Make-Over Via Home-Grown, Disruptive 3DP Tech?

This Roundtable—and ancillary events to include a mini-expo and walking tours—will be located at Brooklyn Navy Yard’s BLDG92. Sponsored by Autodesk, ITAC (Industrial Technology Assistance Corporation) & BLDG92.


(e) Wednesday, 25 September

Ed Tech & 3DP: Disruptive 3D-Printing Empowers STE(A)M Futures For NYC Students

Will Innovative 3DP Technology Help Rejuvenate New York City’s STE(A)M Education System To Support New Jobs For Commerce and Commonweal Betterment?


(f) Thursday, 26 September

Design for Manufacturing Summit

Peter Verkooijen’s existing multi-panel/keynoter event in DUMBO.


(g) Friday, 27 September

Tech & Ed & 3DP (Title TBD)

NYS Assembly topic Roundtable at John Jay College

(Sponsored by Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal, Chairwoman of the Assembly’s Committee on Science & Technology).


(h) Friday, 4 October

NY3DP “Skilled Career” Tours of MakerBot & Shapeways on National Manufacturing Day

[Additional activities TBD in cooperation with ITAC et al.]


As before, this continues our NY3DP Summits discussion with you. Lots going on!  All aimed at your community commerce and commonweal betterment. Please return here often to see what else is happening with our major new tools of your communication and ours.

C’mon Back!





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