Our “DigiFab Healthcare Roundtable” UPDATE! Wed, 22 June: Join Our Next Meetup!

Greetings, Healthcare/DigiFab Synergist!

I’m delighted to update you on the exciting “doings” we have planned for your delectation at our upcoming Meetup on Wednesday, 22 June, here in DUMBO.

We’re working hard to assure this knowledge- and connection-rich event will deliver the latest news about DigiFab’s (including 3DP) positive disruption of Healthcare—news you can take to the lab-bench and bank!

>>> My Stanford Med School HCx3DP Lecture Highlights

[The Med School IS monumental & they’re building more & bigger in the School/Hospital complex on campus right now. Took my wife and me 45 mins to find the office suite of Dr. Larry Chu, our host, even with GPS, maps, Info Booths and uniformed greeters…Yowza!]

I’ll kick-off our 22 June event with an over-arching review of real-world HCx3DP developments worldwide. To launch, I’ll intro our “DigiFab Healthcare Roundtable” with an updated “high-light reel” of the lecture I presented at Stanford Medical School in Palo Alto at the end of April.

My title was “3D Printing & Patient Anatomy.” I took a “horizontal” perspective of current HCx3DP developments—in the sadly vertical-silo’d and sequestered ecosystem of medical specialties. I worked to show Stanford graduate students how diverse advances in our hybrid segment can connect effectively across a spectrum of new Healthcare solutions.

Hey…come to our 22 June Meetup to enjoy the same educational benefits as the cosseted students of Stanford!!

>>> Desktop Bio-Printing the Mysteries of Life

[The "BioBots 1" is a desktop 3D bioprinter that builds 3D living tissues out of human cells. AND, all starting at $10,000. A quantum cost-reduction from comparable printers on the market...]

Then, I’ll be pleased to intro Danny Cabrera, the Co-Founder and CEO of BioBots of Philadelphia via a Penn team of ‘Preneurs. (And, I’m proud to remind our Community that Danny is also a member of our Health Maker Lab Advisory Council.)

Danny & Crew are out to democratize biological engineering by providing low-cost, easy-to-use desktop 3D printers that can print “bio-inks.” BioBots’ social-commerce and common-good goals include helping biotechies and med-engines to prototype and iterate accelerated Healthcare solutions.

Come listen and watch how Danny has ‘preneured his company forward with a consummate example of HCx3DP in innovative action…

>>> CADD Edge Showcases the Newest Stratasys 3DPs

[Detail of human anatomy---printed from patient scans---by the new, breakthrough Stratasys J750. Note the integrated combination of colors, materials and opacities: all delivered in one 3D "print" via the J750's innovative "Digitally Mixed Model Materials" printer/software controls.]

Charles Driza—another Health Maker Lab Advisory Council member—is the new “Business Development Manager–3D Printing” at CADD Edge, Inc.’s office in Manhattan.

CADD Edge (or CE)—with nine offices in the Northeast including New York City—is an engineering-technology VAR (Value-Added Reseller). CE’s two most important “principals”—as independent sales organizations call their supplier/partners—are SolidWorks and Stratasys.

SolidWorks is a major CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software provider. Stratasys—a hybrid U.S./Israel firm—manufacturers a wide array of industrial and professional 3D printers. Stratasys—along with 3D Systems—is one of the world’s Big Two, publicly held, 3DP-pure-play firms.

Stratasys is also the parent of Brooklyn’s MakerBot, which it bought in 2013 for $400 meg. (Making Bre Pettis, Co-Founder and CEO, wealthy enough to become a VC after his inevitable departure of last year.) The BK firm was once the dominant leader in desktop “prosumer” 3D printers internationally. Now, some of MakerBot’s competition (e.g., Ultimaker) have caught up with the company.

Charles Driza enjoys recent job-experiences that make him a hybrid expert in our hybrid niche. These include:
(1)  an OR medical-device support-team manager;
(2) new biz development for a specialized 3DP OS controlling fleets of printers (particularly in higher education); and
(3) the co-organizing of a hands-on meetup group teaching “newbies” about the basics of 3D printing (e.g., a 100 at a time at the BK Public Library).

Stratasys has recently introduced the most sophisticated high-end 3DP on the market: the J750. (OK: Stratasys doesn’t seem to have a flare for memorable product branding!) This is the shipping-machine that suddenly made HP’s “vaunted” and “market-freezing” first-entry into the 3DP marketplace look pretty lame—by point-to-point comparative features. Particularly since that HP “trailing-edge” launch is NOW scheduled for the end of 2016 (IF it doesn’t slip further still).

The J750 sports features such as:
(1) multi-material capabilities (up to six materials mixed digitally);
(2) 360,000+ color capabilities (functionally “full-color”); and
(3) horizontal build layers down to 14 microns (0.00055 inches).

From the amazing printed results I’ve seen in person, the J750 is likely to deliver major impacts on 3D printing for Healthcare solutions. I look forward to Charles’ CE/Stratasys update—including the J750—on 22 June.

Come get educated and connected…!!


Founder, 3DP Media &
Health Maker Lab, Inc.


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