World Maker Faire “Week” Action! & Our Latest HCx3DP Meetup NY / “Health Maker Lab” Workshop #5

This Week: Maker Movement Events MakerCon & World Maker Faire NY 2015 — Taking Advantage Of The DIY/DIT “Tech Circus” In Our Town. (Link here to the World Maker Faire Week’s Agenda…)


UntitledGet thee to MakerCon NY 2015 (Thursday, 24 September) &/or World Maker Faire NY 2015 (Saturday, 26 September, and Sunday, 27 September) at NYSCI in Corona Park, Queens (the 1939 and 1964 World Fair grounds).

In 2014, a third of all WMF “action” was 3DP-related. Impresario organization Maker Media, Inc.’s (MMI) online documentation highlights many 3DP mentions in the last few weeks. I’d opine that the percentage of Maker Movement 3DP interest — as judged by MMI, the “voice” of the MMovement — has accelerated considerably since last year.

Both these Maker “shows” are truly amazing events. (Maker Media has already produced 150 Maker Faires around the world this year!) WMF — an MMI “flagship” event — is projecting upwards of 100K attendees (2014 was 85K+) in two weekend days… If you’ve never experienced the “alternate” Maker-Movement universe, WMF is THE place to start. Mind-blowing is a phrase too calm. I’m taking my 6 YO grandson for his third year on one of the two days—I’ll be there for both (dawn to dusk, simply too much to absorb)!


Maker Movement Implications For Our HCx3DP & “Health Maker Lab”

The growth of 3DP and Healthcare segments — and (Voila!) Brooklyn as “Maker City”! (hey, whatof I been tellin’ youse guys) — continues within the Maker Movement.

As officially showcased by Maker Media, Inc., our interests in Healthcare3DP and Digital Fabrication are in the spotlight at this week’s MakerCon (Thursday, 24 Sept., for professional Makers). MakerCon is immediately followed by family-friendly, community-accessible World Maker Faire (Saturday, 26 Sept., and Sunday, 27 Sept.). These dynamite events are both at Corona Park (NYSCI and World’s Fairs site) in Queens. And, I’ll be covering them both — wearing my 3DP journo “hat.”

The email Subject line of MMI’s MakerCon-specific eNewser of 17 September was MakerCon NY: Local Manufacturing, Brooklyn’s Emerging “Maker City” and More. You’ll find six Brooklyn-Maker-focused articles (five of them with videos). Further — reflecting the 3DP and Healthcare boom within the Maker Movement — World Maker Faire again enjoys a separate and enlarged “3D Printer Village” and now a “Make: Health” area.


Can you make our HCx3DP/Health Maker Lab Meetup on Tues Evening, 29 September, 6:30 PM, at CityScience (68 Jay St.) in DUMBO?

Just wanted you to know that I’d love to have you joining-in our Community meetings in person next week! As you see from the updates below, we’re making real, sustained Health Maker Lab (HML) progress!

Now — more than ever — we need your insights, expertise and connections to help assure HML launches as a prototype of bio-grassroots success. That’s social commerce and common-good — for ALL of our various communities. Including the communities you’d like us to serve…  Just let me know and I’ll be happy to admin-comp your admission  — gratis.


Embedded (last below) are the latest general HML updates (six in number) you should know — comprising the platform on which we can build higher:



BUTFIRST, please note “the latest” on  MakerCon & World Maker Faire (WMF). Maker Media, Inc. (MMI) is showcasing Brooklyn as “Maker City!” (We can make this spotlight VERY important to Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams; Tucker Reed, President of the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership; and Carlo Scissura, President & CEO of the Brooklyn Chamber; among others.)

Further, WMF has set up a separate and enlarged “3D Printer Village” AND a “Make: Health” area at WMF.

This “Make: Health” area is being “curated” by Jose Gomez Marquez, an MIT Professor, Director of the Little [Medical!] Devices Lab at MIT and co-founder of I know Jose well because I covered him in a profile article last year. (A universal truth: everyone loves the reporter who highlights their strong points for a large audience…)

I love the MMI description of the “Make: Health” area. “This area is new to the Faire and will introduce medical advancements and home hacks for healthcare sciences and technologies using 3D printing, microelectronics, and more to give patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers expanded and personalized options.

I’d knew that Jose would be speaking WMF and figured it would have to do with Making Nurses — because this project is bankrolled by his sponsor the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF). Voila! Jose is presenting on “Launching a Medical Maker Space!” along with Lori Melichar, Jose’s benefactor at RWJF (whom I also know).


HCx3DP/Health Maker Lab Updates

Now, here are the full MakerCon/WMF news items — and other updates — I’ve been sending our Team. Highlights: Not-for-Profit support; sponsor ID; WMF background info; FULL video of our 29 July Meetup; new and important members of our Advisory Team…

(1) HML Not-for-Profit Formation; Via CUBE —

Through the good work of Jonathan Askin, of Brooklyn Law, we now are working with his CUBE (Center for Urban Business Entrepreneurship and for which Jonathan serves as Faculty Chair and Innovation Catalyst) to form our Not-for-Profit status. This is via CUBE’s Community Development Clinic and Research Director David Reiss. I’m now meeting with our CUBE Team for HML Project kick-off on Friday morning this week: progress!

(2) Accountancy, HC and Tech Consultancy Support —

Further to HML’s NfP effort, we now also enjoy the active assistance of Grassi & Co. Grassi — via the excellent in-house “championing” of our HCx3DP Community member Guido Gabriele — is supporting our success in these several areas. Grassi is a mid-sized, tri-state firm ranked in the top 25 of such accountancies nationwide; they’re also ranked among the top 10 Best Companies to Work For in NYState.

(3) Targeting NfP Sponsorships —

I’m working to build our list of target sponsors for our NfP HML — and the “seed funding” we need. I worked a NYC Health Business Leaders (NYCHBL; another great Health-related org you should know here in NYC) event last week and (re)discovered several excellent sponsor potentials. Including reacquainting myself with a senior player at Cooley LLP, arguably the most important Life Sciences law firm in the country — and a key sponsor of NYCHBL. I’m following up…

(4) HCx3DP/Health Maker Lab Workshop, 29 July at HUGE, Inc. DUMBO —

Here is our HML Workshop #3 video (a little over 1.5 hours!) of your fellow HCx3DP-Community Members working to help implement HML in July. Structured by a slide deck intro’ing our HML Manifesto #1, you’ll find lots of interesting ideas here.

(5) HCx3DP/Health Maker Lab Workshop #5, Tuesday evening, 29 September, 6:30 PM, at CityScience in DUMBO —

Our next HCx3DP Meetup will focus on our HML Workshop #5 on 29 September. Your fellow HCx3DP-Community Members — working with our audience — will continue to help implement HML. We’ll present a new slide deck to inform and guide our HML discussions.

(6) Three New (Sterling!) Members of Our Informal Advisory Team —

Here are our newest HML Expert volunteers. We keep adding strengths to our spectrum of talents. And, these more are good people in our mutual cause of HCx3DP:

Aaron Roy, Head of Operations & Strategy, 3DPrinterOS, innovators in 3DP education & enterprise via the most powerful, open source, 3D Printing management platform in the world;

Conor Russomano, Co-F & CEO of OpenBCI & Organizer of the new NeuroTechNYC Meetup;

Thor Snilsberg, Executive Director, CityScience: committed to raising the quality of science education and supporting environmental stewardship using the natural and built environments as laboratories for active learning.”


C’mon Back!


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