The New Industrial Revolution: New Lab at the Brooklyn Navy Yard Leads NYC’s Re-Industrialization

As Part of Our Late-September “NY3DP Summits” Event-Prep, Video-Interviews Scott Cohen of New Lab.

HERE, Land Grant talks with Scott Cohen, Co-Founder & Partner of New Lab. Fittingly, the video exchange was shot in the planned 3D-Printing Shop at New Lab Beta.

This New Lab iteration is a prototype of the prospective—and now a-building—facility at the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s former Building 128. (See the still photo montage at the end of Scott’s video interview.)

New Lab will occupy 84,000 square feet of space in the rechristened “The Green Manufacturing Center”—a locus for new industrial processes, industrial design innovations and re-industrialization in New York City.

This re-industrializing initiative promises to help return NYC to its former world prominence in manufacturing. But, this will NOT be an updated version of the sweat shops of old. New York City’s return to manufacturing preeminence will be built on very different modes of “Making.”

Our NeoGotham’s success-means will employ entrepreneurial—in the broadest sense—creativity above all. This creativity will be rooted in design, communication, digitech, innovation and consilience.

In our City, those commercial virtues will deliver Smart or Digi-Production, hyper-diversity in offerings, lightning commercialization cycles, super-customization, DIY ‘Preneur democratizing of process and the necessity for online relationship-building in a networked, SocMed-modulated world marketplace.

We hope to have New Lab Beta AND a “The Green Manufacturing Center”/Building 128 “stops” on a walking tour—scheduled as part of our our Tuesday, 24 September Roundtable. This session—headquarterd at the Yard’s BLDG92—is entitled “New Industrial Revolution” and is part of our week-long “NY3DP Summits” event (from 23 through 27 September).


Much more to come about our rich “NY3DP Summits” Event…

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