On Building Community: A New Year’s Reflection On How Innovative Technology Can Drive Compassion—For Commercial & Common-Good Betterment Of All…

In May 2013, I was first compelled—by the sheer dazzling magnetism of coruscating technology “fully rounded”—to focus my journalistic interests on 3DP. To do so, I founded a media organization. (I reasoned that the expressive plurality of “media” would provide protean means to learn and teach and make.) Then, I created a marketplace “tag line” to position what we would be about: “Building Community Via 3D Printing.” Now, I believe Community making—tech engined—is more important than ever. Here’s why:

A Caduceus Key Fob, 3D Printed DIY in plastic from the "library" of Thingiverse: Thank You MakerBot and Vin Min.

A Caduceus Key Fob, 3D Printed DIY in plastic from the “library” of Thingiverse: Thank You MakerBot and Vin Min.

As I’ve said more than once—on this site and other venues—the 3DP Revolution will be disruptive of nearly every industrial mode we currently enjoy…or struggle to make work as we’d wish. (“3DP” is my neologistic shorthand for Digital Fabrication, Additive Manufacturing and/or 3D Printing—”3DP” is now the meme and the brand that has won the language “contest of tongues.”)

And—as regular Readers here also know—I’m thoroughly convinced that our new intersection of 3DP and Healthcare IS industrial disruption (AND opportunity!) “ground zero” worldwide.

(Thus, my own evolution in strategic directions—that many of you have witnessed here first; see our “HCx3DP New YorkCampaign profiled in this informal “manifesto” post in October 2014.)

Our HCx3DP “3Cs” Action Campaign also includes “Community” as its very first step. (You’ll recall our milestoned progression foreshadowed by {1} Community to {2} Conference to {3} Cluster.)

HCx3DP MUp NYNow—in Community Building—we’re organizing our third “HCx3DP Meetup New York” event in as many months (12 December at ThoughtWorks at 99 Madison Avenue in Manhattan).

Across our 3Cs, our ultimate goal is Middle Class job generation—in and from our HCx3DP purview.

In this way, we can—as a Community—serve two-fold purposes. First is Compassion: improved Healthcare delivery as a patient-outcome enhancement. The sick are cured or made better in body, mind and/or soul. Second is Empathy: those involved in creating and delivering those enhancements (at many, many levels of engagement) are themselves enhanced. This is both materially (employment proceeds) AND spiritually (the presentation of human empathy to another human).

Our other two HCx3DP Campaign “Cs”—Conference and Cluster—are simply other forms of Community. The former is a short-term, pop-up, ad-hoc, intense Community. The latter is a permanent and self-sustaining version of Community across geography: “City” within City. In both cases, compassion and empathy, technology and need are inputs and the Golden Rule (“Do unto others…”) is the HCx3DP output.

Land Grant, Publisher/Editor/Organizer, 3DP Media | NYC3DP.com | HCx3DP New York

Land Grant, Publisher/Editor/Organizer, 3DP Media | NYC3DP.com | HCx3DP New York

So, please let me suggest that “HCx3DP New York” (and, eventually, other venues) is about creating Community and communities. For the betterment of commerce and common-good.

I invite you to return here—as your interest in empathy and compassion modulated by HCx3DP serves—to observe how we advance our 3Cs toward, and to, Job Generation in 2015. With all its broader and strategic ROIs…

Further, we’ll strive to show how we accomplish what we do—as we progress. HCx3DP isn’t the only Community builder and betterment enhancer that 3DP is presently—or prospectively—empowering. Our techniques could also be yours to employ…in different 3DP-driven niches, sectors and segments. All just as valid…

So, C’mon Back for a rich and enriching 2015!


PS. Start—as we have—with our use of the Meetup.com system of Community building. We’re going up the “learning curve” here. (Curiously, there is no Meetups For Dummies or the equivalent available—a commercial opportunity for your business writers out there…?!) Come on along and gain from our experiences! Better—if you’re in Metro-New York— join our “HCx3DP Meetup New York” Community and live the experience first-hand at our events…





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