Our “HCx3DP Meetups WEEK” Gets Its OWN Press; & See Entrepreneurial Versions Of NYC’s Healthcare Future: ELabNYC’s Pitch Day 2015, Thursday, April 2

Sometimes, even we media guys get a little of our own “back.” As you know—besides my 3DP Media activities here—I (ir)regularly report for 3DPI (3D Printing Industry Ltd.), the world’s best (and biggest?) media house covering 3DP. Now, 3DPI has reported on our “HCx3DP Meetups WEEK” suite of events scheduled for 13 through 17 April here in NYC. The 24 March article is entitled: “Healthcare and 3D Printing Meet-Ups Pop Up Around 3D Print Week.” Here’s the piece:

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Healthcare and 3D Printing Meet-Ups Pop Up Around 3D Print Week

New York City is getting ready for an invasion by the 3D printing industry, and as 3D Print Week draws closer, we are getting ready to bring you up to speed on all the happenings.  As a part of the MecklerMedia week-long 3D printing event, meet-ups associated with 3D Print Week will be popping up around New York, including one series devoted specifically to the use of the technology in the field of medicine.


3D printing writer and evangelist Land Grant and his group HCx3DP (Healthcare Multiplied By 3D Printing) will be hosting a panel of “3D printing in healthcare” meetups from April 13th-17th.  Over the course of the week, there will be five panels discussing 3D printed food, start-ups, economics, medical devices, and public policy in New York City. The WEEK Meetups are designed to create neutral forums to educate and investigate active and dormant obstacles and solutions to the industry’s most pressing problems in New York City.

Here’s the play by play:

  • Event #1, Monday, April 13 – HCx3DP Fab(bed!) Food Vs. Chronic Disease
    “Will 3D-Printed Food Cure Diabetes While Foodies Eschew Digitally Driven, Hyper-Processed BUT Hyper-Healthy ‘Home (Printer) Cookin’?”
    Panelists: In recruitment. Venue: TBD. Time: 6:30 to 8:30 PM.
  • Event #2, Tuesday, April 14 - HCx3DP IncuLabz: Hyper-Incubating LifeSci Startups Via Hybrid NYC Labs
    “Physical Future-Making At The Compelling Intersection Of ‘Healthcare Times 3DP’ Opportunities (A Novel Experiential Workshop)”
    Panelists: In recruitment. Venue: TBD. Time: 6:30 to 8:30 PM.

  • Event #3, Wednesday, April 15 – HCx3DP Entrepreneurship, Venture Funding & Neo-Equality
    “Will New Pro-Social Perspectives & Novel Funding Help Empower HCx3DP Startups To (Re)Generate Middle-Class Jobs in NYC?”
    Panelists: In recruitment. Venue: TBD. Time: 6:30 to 8:30 PM.

  • Event #4, Thursday, April 16 – HCx3DP-Hyper’d Medical Devices
    “Succeeding With HCx3DP-Engined  Medical Devices—Despite Cost Collapse, Hyper-Fast Delivery, EPA Dithering, IoT Hacking Threats, Neo-MedTechers Horning-In…”
    Panelists: In recruitment. Venue: TBD. Time: 6:30 to 8:30 PM.

  • Event #5, Fri, April 17 – Effective Public Policy in The Age of (HCx3DP)Disruption– “Ensuring Local HCx3DP Commerce & Common-Good While Fostering A World-Dominating, Industrial-Segment, Cluster HQ in NYC…”
    Panelists: In recruitment. Venue: TBD. Time: 3:00 to 5:00 PM.

Land Grant has who been following the industry for quite some time now, and he wrote an entertaining manifesto of sorts on why he started HCx3DP.  You can read the whole thing here, but I’ve extracted the reasons why he started HCx3DP, in his words:

  • “NYC is the acknowledged center of 3DP in the U.S.
  • NYC enjoys unique, in-place 3DP infrastructure. This “platform” includes MakerBot to Shapeways; Kickstarter to Meetup; Etsy to Huge.
  • NYC boasts the unique community of Brooklyn “Techreatives.” These are the CyberHipsters who can draw a beautiful analog curve, parse its truth in digits online and then arc a startup toward profit.
  • NYC possesses the planet’s most extensive locus of higher-education institutions.
  • Metro-NYC is the world’s “Pharmaceutical Capital,” with 60% of America’s Pharma industry found here.
  • New York State is ranked #1 as a location for Life Sciences organizations.
  • NYC organizations employ 665,000 Healthcare workers, largest such population in the U.S., and—most probably—the world.”

According to Grant, the “over-arching goal at HCx3DP is to help synthesize and synergize Healthcare and 3D Printing at the sweet spot of their intersection around novel, mostly hyper-individualized healthcare solutions.”

The cost to attend each event is $20 and is only part of the larger series of meet-ups planned for 3D Print Week next month.  Be prepared, New York.  It’s coming…



…and, if you’re intent on seeing what Healthcare Entrepreneurs are doing—under the auspices of major supporters like NYCEDC Bioscience—here’s your opportunity to see innovation in the flesh. ELabNYC—Entrepreneurship Lab Health and BioTech NYC—will hold its 2015 “Pitch Day” on Thursday, April 2, with 20 startups primed to perform. The NYC Economic Development Corporation kicked off this initiative (now in its third year) and then helped form a public/private partnership that is now moving ELabNYC ahead smartly. Here’s the ELabNYC info you need:


Entrepreneurship Lab Health and BioTech NYC, ELabNYC, announces it’s 2015 Pitch Day April 2, 2015. ELabNYC is an annual competitive entry program of entrepreneurship training and networking initiated by NYC Economic Development Corporation and now supported in a public private consortium by corporations with a long term commitment to the development of the life science eco system in NYC including Kaneka, EisnerAmper, TriNet, Moses & Singer, Pryor Cashman, Roche, Pfizer and Microsoft.

Participation in the ELabNYC program is open to eligible NYC businesses, residents and ventures commercializing NYC based medical research institution intellectual Property.
ELabNYC 2015 Pitch day will highlight the business plans from the current cohort of ELabNYC participating ventures representing SUNY, CUNY, Columbia, Weill Cornell, Einstein, NYU, Binghamton and Yale University (they moved to NYC to participate!) with technology from the nutriceutical, drug development, therapeutics, diagnostics, devices and apps, bioinfomatics, precision medicine and materials fields.
The ElabNYC program starts with an application process. All Applicants to ELabNYC are screened by a national group of scientists, business entrepreneurs, and funders. Background checks and in person interviews continue the screening process. In December the 2015 class was announced. Since then the 20 invited teams have worked to develop business plans, refine product strategies, recruit team members and identify funding partners.
ELabNYC Pitch day audience includes university tech transfer offices, medical researchers, pharma, lawyers who work with early stage ventures along with accountants and angel and corporate investors and corporate executives interested to meet the next generation of NYC startups in the life science space.

Your invites to meet this inspiring group of entrepreneurs working on important medical technology breakthroughs share their plans to start new ventures in New York City.
To register: please go on line to the Event registration link
For security reasons, no walk ins will be accommodated to the event. Everyone must pre register.
For questions, please contact Mary Howard, Program Manager, ELabNYC mary.howard@elabnyc.com


C’mon Back!


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